Who we are

  • About us

    Freedom Community Project is a Christian charity that was set up in 2008 to support people who are struggling with poverty in Bolsover. Since then the project has grown to cover the North East Midlands and Yorkshire with 8 support centres. The organisation has a small staff team who enable our large team of volunteers to deliver support across the area.



    Our Mission

    Our Mission is to provide activities that are low cost or free at point of use. To support people who live in deprived areas within the United Kingdom. To care for all people no matter of background, race, religion or sexual preference. To show the love of Jesus in action, listening, supporting and helping people in local communities. To work with people in order that they might make a change in their lives, helping themselves out of the situation they are in and moving into a better future for them and their family.

    We seek to achieve this by providing support in a number of areas such as job search advice, skills training, food banks, clothing, household provision, activities to build self-esteem, financial support and money management and counseling. We always seek to work in partnership with other groups and agencies in order to give the best support to each community.

    Our Principles

    • Jesus showed love in action and we should do the same.
    • Every activity is low cost or free at the point of use, no profit should be made from people in poverty.
    • All are welcome, no matter who they are or what they have done.
    • The services we provide are the best possible.
    • People are treated with dignity.
    • People are supported to enable them to build their own future.


    Freedom Community Project started as Bolsover Methodist Church Community Fund. The Community Fund was set up in 2008 in order to raise support for the Freedom 09 Community Week. The Community Week was a week of activities which were free of charge. This has become one of the key guiding points of the Freedom Community Project – that every activity we are involved in will cost little or nothing to the people who attend. Bolsover Methodist Church Community Fund continued developing a number of projects to serve the community. The project grew and it was felt that it was time to move to a new name and structure in order to grow both our financial support and the general work. In July 2010 Freedom Community Project was born. Since 2010 we have continued to grow, planting new centres across the North East Midlands and Yorkshire.

  • Our Team

    Freedom is firstly made up of 120 amazing people willing to give their time and energy for FREE.  We could not support so many people if it wasn’t for this great team. Alongside this great team, we have a small group of staff providing key support to our volunteers.

    CEO Mark North


    Mark North: CEO
    Spearheading the Freedom Community Project since its inception in 2008, Mark started as the Project Manager. Mark spends his weekends visiting theme parks and dragging his kids on all the rides.



    Office Manager Laura Marshall


    Laura Shane: Operations Manager
    Laura started in 2015, having previously worked two jobs. Laura is obsessed with Disney and often sings in the office.



    John O'Neill, our Client Support Manager


    Jon O’Neill: Client Support Manager
    With over thirty years experience of annoying the authorities and helping people with debt issues, Jon is an enthusiastic member of our team. He supports Mansfield Town FC though, which proves that nobody is perfect.



    Centre Manager Janet Koszegi


    Janet Koszegi: Client Support
    Janet is a former Teaching Assistant and now handles some of our clients. In what little spare time we allow her, Janet enjoys amateur dramatics and is a member of Bolsover Amateur Dramatics Society.




    Keith Reed: I.T. Manager
    Keith has been breaking computers (it’s the only way to learn how to fix them, allegedly) since the late 70’s. He likes photography, spiders, and Moto GP. He also has a growing collection of tabletop board games.



    Linzi Sharp: Debt Advisor
    Linzi is a fully qualified and accredited Debt Support Worker. Her role involves working with clients and creditors to set up arrangements to repay debts. She likes Panthers (which has something to do with ice hockey).




    Tim Rossell: Youth and Families Worker
    Tim is our intern; he works with our centres and the local schools to provide activities that engage with young people and families. In his spare time, he plays guitar.





    Jasmine Heaton: Finance & Marketing
    Jasmine’s role is to help promote the charity across a wide a range of areas. If there’s a daft idea to raise money for the Project, it probably came from Jasmine. She likes Taylor Swift, Glee and 50’s fashion.”





    Richard Vintin: Administrator
    Richard has taken on the role of Administrator for the Project. He spends a lot of his time collecting things from the photocopier. He likes wrestling, latin/ballroom dancing and supports Sheffield Wednesday.