Meet Our Team

The Freedom staff are passionate people dedicated to addressing the needs of those living in poverty.

Mark North

Chief Executive Officer

Spearheading the Freedom Community Project since its inception in 2008, Mark started as the Project Manager. Mark spends his weekends visiting theme parks and dragging his kids on all the rides.

Laura Marshall

Operations Manager

Laura started in 2015, having previously worked two jobs: working for Release and Accounts Assistant for some Bespoke Clothing Company. Laura is obsessed with Disney and often sings in the office.

Jon O'Neill

Client Support Manager

With over thirty years experience of annoying the authorities and helping people with debt issues, Jon is an enthusiastic member of our team. He supports Mansfield Town FC though, which proves that nobody is perfect.

Janet Koszegi

Client Support

Janet is a former Teaching Assistant and now handles some of our clients. In what little spare time we allow her, Janet enjoys amateur dramatics and is a member of Bolsover Amateur Dramatics Society.

Keith Reed

I.T. Manager

Keith has been breaking computers (it's the only way to learn how to fix them, allegedly) since the late 70's. He likes photography, spiders, and Moto GP. He also has a growing collection of tabletop board games.

Linzi Sharp

Debt Advisor

Linzi is a fully qualified and accredited Debt Support Worker. Her role involves working with clients and creditors to set up arrangements to repay debts. She likes Panthers (which has something to do with ice hockey).

Lauren Rossell

Volunteer Coordinator

Lauren is one of our interns; her role is to oversee the hundreds of volunteers who help the Project. Lauren has a veritable zoo of rodents (well, two rabbits and a guinea pig).

Tim Rossell

Youth and Families Worker

Tim is our second intern; he works with our centres and the local schools to provide activities that engage with young people and families. In his spare time, he plays guitar.

Jasmine Edgley

Finance Assistant

Jasmine's role is to help Laura balance the numbers and to brainstorm fund-raising ideas. If there's a daft idea to raise money for the Project, it probably came from Jasmine. She likes Taylor Swift, Glee and 50's fashion.

Richard Vintin


Richard has taken on the role of Administrator, both for the Project and for the local Methodist Circuit. He spends a lot of his time collecting things from the photocopier. He likes wrestling and ballroom dancing.