Day 1 of Freedom Community Week

To anyone who attended events yesterday, you will all know that yesterday was an outstanding success.

The day was kicked off with breakfast and prayers for the week, during which CEO Mark North quoted some very inspirational words for us all to remember during this long week which we are about to embark on.  Breakfast was served by some very lovely volunteers and was tucked into with great enthusiasm by everyone there, adults and children alike!

This was followed by the cafe opening, during which hot drinks and cakes were served in the Primary Room. We saw a few new friendly faces who wouldn’t normally attend our cafes during the week, meaning our goal of community week furthering the reach we have on the community, is being fulfilled.

The event of the day was Ladies Night, which was widely enjoyed by volunteers and attendees alike. Here are some of the responses we received regarding the night:

It was fab and the food was delish! Well done and thank you!”

A lovely evening. Thank you so much to everyone that worked so hard to make the night a success.”

Amazing night with amazing friends.”

Our volunteers were dressed to impress!

Our volunteers were dressed to impress!

The handsome waiters getting their well deserved dinner break!











The men doing the washing up!

The ladies all sat down for their dinner!



Some of our lovely ladies arriving!


Today, the day continues with breakfast and prayer from 8:30am, the cafe from 9:00am and a film showing of Beauty and the Beast at 4. Hope to see you soon!