Volunteer Roles

by Jasmine Alice Edgley

At our charity, we have 120 volunteers supporting the work that we do in all different areas. We could not function without them all, as each of them give us help in executing different services that we pride ourselves upon. Here are two examples of volunteers that we are always looking for.  Café Volunteers People…

Pancake Day

by Jasmine Alice Edgley

That time of year is coming up again, the first good news since Christmas. The first time you break your new year diet. The most excited your children get since Santa visited that cold night which now seems so long ago. Pancake Day! On the 28th of February, it is the most acceptable day of…

The War on Welfare Sanctions

by Jasmine Alice Edgley

2 and a quarter million of sanction referrals that have been recorded should be cause for serious concern as to the vigour at which they are being applied. Gill Thompson’s brother was a former British serviceman, and he died after having sanctions applied. She explains: “It’s obvious to everyone except the DWP that there is…

2017 is here!

by Jasmine Alice Edgley

Thank you in various languages

We would like to say a big “Thank you” to you all. Thanks to your generous support, 2016 has been a massive year for the Freedom Community Project. The food that has come in throughout the year, and especially at harvest time, has helped us to provide over 400 food parcels. Sharp-eyed readers will have noticed that…

Food Bank

by Jasmine Alice Edgley

At Freedom we give out food parcels on a daily basis to people in all walks of life. An estimation of 2 million were given out nationwide. Combined, these food parcels would weigh 6 million kilograms, and stretch all the way from Bolsover to Cornwall. Why are so many food parcels being claimed? Here at…

Christmas Closing Times

by Keith Reed

Woman checking time on wrist watch

Main (Bolsover) office Closing on Friday 23rd December at 5.00pm, reopening on Tuesday 3rd January at 9.00am. Bolsover Café Closing on Friday 23rd December at 1pm, reopening on 30th December at 9.00am. New Houghton Closing on Friday 23rd December at 2.00pm, reopening on Tuesday 3rd January at 10.00am. Clowne Closing on Monday 19th December at…


by Jasmine Alice Edgley

2 weeks ago the rough sleeping count began in Bolsover to try and size the issue of homelessness. Currently, the Freedom Community Project are working with 8 homeless people, 7 of whom are based within Bolsover. At this time of year temperatures are dropping well below freezing overnight, and it is easy to forget about…

ESA Repeat Assessments Abolished for Chronically Ill Claimants

by Jasmine Alice Edgley

Under new ruling, if recipients are deemed unfit to work as their medical conditions will not improve (e.g. Huntingdon’s, autism, congenital heart conditions), they will continue receiving ESA with no further assessments. The government are consulting health professionals to define criteria which will allow people to fall into this category. Here at Freedom we have…


by Lauren Rossell

The Freedom Community Project recently held a fundraiser at Clowne Methodist Church, celebrating the end to a classic TV show ‘Great British Bake-off.’ Our brilliant volunteers pulled together and created the most amazing cakes for people to buy as a whole and as a slice. We were able to raise £132 to help continue the…

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