20 Cheap Ideas for Children’s Activities in October

by Jasmine Alice Edgley

  1. Nature walk – go for a walk in your local country park and collect leaves and flowers, as well as discussing the different types of plants and wildlife that are around in Fall.
  2. Decorate pumpkins – if your little ones aren’t old enough to help carve they can still help decorate with glitter and glue!
  3. Card making – this one is excellent in the lead up to Christmas; relatives will love getting personalised cards made for them by your little Michaelangelos!
  4. Sure Start groups – check what’s on in your area!
  5. Make hanging pom-pom spiders – use pipe cleaners for their legs and plastic thread to hang them from the ceiling.
  6. Painting – you can use yoghurt and food colouring for the little ones, or normal paint for bigger hands.
  7. Write your own storybook – use your family as the characters and get creative!
  8. Bake some buns – a tasty activity everyone can enjoy.
  9. Bake toffee apples – you can enjoy them together or hand them out to trick-or-treaters!
  10. Decorate gingerbread men – try different icing colours and sprinkles to recreate family members or famous characters.
  11. Jewelery making – all you need is some thin string and pretty beads to make a personalised item of jewelery.
  12. Make pumpkin pie – a classic way of using up all that pumpkin, and is regarded by many as an essential seasonal activity.
  13. Football – use coats or bags to mark the goal line and battle it out in a penalty shoot out!
  14. DIY Treasure Hunt – hide items around the house and the fastest sibling to find them all gets to choose the next activity.
  15. Soft play centres – kids of all ages love to run around in these, and the best thing is that (in most places) under 1’s go free!
  16. Make your own pizza – make a base, then leave the toppings to them and serve with salad once cooked.
  17. Spooky mixing bowl makeover – using paper, paints, glue and glitter transform a plain bowl into something you’ll be proud to dish sweets out in Halloween night.
  18. Design your own character – give them some pencils and paper, and challenge them to create a character better than Peppa Pig!
  19. Creepy cake pops – try using this recipe to create yummy terrifying treats!
  20. Design Halloween costumes – they could just draw their costumes, or if they’re old enough and with your help could have a go at making their own out of an old bed sheet or old clothes.

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